• Shortlisting Stage
  • Interview Stage
  • Selection Stage
  • Post Selection Stage
1. Shortlisting Stage

The entire process takes 2-3 weeks, from the initial HR discussion to the rolling out of the offer. There could be some delays for multiple reasons, and the respective recruitment partner will keep the candidate updated.

The candidate will receive an email from the recruitment partner regarding the feedback after each round, updating them about the next steps

Candidates can apply anytime for a different role post-rejection

The candidates’ resumes will be in the Mercer | Mettl database for six months.

Candidates can reapply for a particular role or location three months post-rejection.

The interview can be conducted either remotely or in person. Multiple factors will determine the same, including the candidate’s and the hiring manager’s location. The respective recruiter will inform the candidate about the process.

2. Interview Stage

The candidate will briefly interact with the Mercer | Mettl leaders during the final round of the interview process.

The waiting period is approximately 2-3 working days for sharing feedback with the candidates.

Per the candidate’s request, we can align additional interaction with the interviewers to clarify queries.

Candidates need to email their respective recruitment partner, informing them about their candidature withdrawal.

We at Mercer | Mettl believe that each business and function can decide how best to motivate its employees and, at the same time, ensure high productivity. While, as an organization, we follow a hybrid work model, the final decision on the number of days at the workplace for employees is driven by the business or function head. It could be required for the employee to be in the office for five days in a working week.

3. Selection Stage

At Mercer | Mettl, we have components in the compensation structure that provide tax advantage per the Indian income tax laws. The employees do have a certain amount of flexibility in choosing these components.

As the offer process has different stages, which include documentation, salary discussion and approval from a Mercer | Mettl leader before an appointment letter can be shared with a potential candidate, the HR operations team typically takes 1-2 working days post acceptance of the compensation offer to share the appointment letter with the candidate.

The appointment letter would include the candidate’s details such as full name (as per Aadhar card), candidate’s residential address (as per Aadhar card), the date of joining, work location’s full address, proposed compensation structure (both fixed/base CTC and annual variable including any bonus, if applicable), and HR benefits.

Respective recruiters can change the date of joining as requested by the candidate. Also, changes in the compensation structure or any other change in personal information can be made.

The recruitment partner will be in touch with the candidate on a bi-weekly basis for any queries. Also, the respective recruiter will align the candidate’s discussion with the future reporting manager or business to understand the organization during the candidate’s notice period.

4. Post Selection Stage

The POC from the HR operations team will be in touch with the candidate to help complete the onboarding formalities. The HR operations POC will also align a discussion with the lead of HR operations to help resolve any queries.

The respective recruitment partner will align candidate discussion with the business to help understand the organization structure, team and their roles and responsibilities in a better way.

The recruitment partner will align candidate discussion with the business and manager as required. The recruitment partner will set up these sessions for the candidate.