AI Engineer – Computer Vision




1-3 Years

Minimum Qualification:

BTech/MS/MTech/PhD in Computer Science/Computer vision/Signal Processing/Deep Learning or equivalent.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develop and test image-processing modules.
2. Develop and test classical and deep learning based solutions for computer vision problems like image
classification, segmentation, object detection, verification etc.
3. Develop and deliver code for the work assigned in accordance with time, quality, and cost standards

Minimum Requirements :

1. In-depth knowledge of image processing and pattern recognition techniques.
2. Experience in developing novel image processing / signal processing algorithms, model optimization
and mixed precision training.
3. Candidate should have the ability to independently design, test, implement and monitor the
components of a DL/ML pipe.
4. Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch and ML tools like OpenCV.
Experience of working with JavaScript frameworks like React and Node is a plus.
5. Must have good coding experience in Python, C/C++.
6. Having experience with the latest computer vision algorithms would be a plus